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Radiofrequency skin tightening for the body

Cellulite can seriously affect the way a woman feels about herself. An effective cellulite treatment is the Holy Grail for many women and many cellulite treatments have been developed, but few have proven long term beneficial results. ThermaLipo radio-frequency treatment, offered by The Brookdale Clinic, is an exciting new method for the reduction of cellulite and localised areas of fat.

Body sculpting is now a reality even for those who want to avoid the pain and long healing process of liposuction. If you are healthy and not excessively overweight, then ThermaLipo can help you re-contour your body with minimal risk.

How does it work?

A course of ThermaLipo treatments can significantly reduce the unsightly appearance of “orange peel skin” and improve overall skin tone, elasticity and your skin texture.

ThermaLipo works through the use of a form of energy called Radiofrequency, which gently heats the deepest layers of the skin, where the fat cells reside. Raising the temperature in this skin layer increases local blood circulation and encourages drainage of fatty deposits into the lymphatic system. It also promotes the breakdown of the fibrous tissue that binds the fat cells together and so reduces the volume of fat cells stored in the area of the body being treated.

Another beneficial result is that the controlled heating of the deeper skin layer also produces a reaction that encourages the creation of more collagen, which acts to restructure and tighten the affected tissues, so improving the overall skin tone, elasticity and skin texture of the area treated.

What areas can you treat?

This treatment is not only designed for cellulite on thighs, but can be used to address fatty deposits around the stomach, waist, back and buttocks, upper arms and knees.

How long does it take?

The time taken will vary according to the area you have chosen to have treated, but on average a treatment session will last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How long does it last?

Following your first treatment there will be an immediate noticeable change in the contours of the area treated, as the collagen fibres contract and skin elasticity improves. The full effect is progressive and generally seen after completion of the full course of treatment.

The change in skin tone and reduction in fatty deposits will remain over time, depending upon lifestyle influences and natural ageing.

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend a full course of 10-12 sessions, at once or twice a week intervals, to gain maximum benefit from this treatment.

Does it hurt?

No. In fact it’s rather pleasant! Thermalipo initially heats deep within the tissue and then alters its frequency automatically to heat the skin’s surface. It creates a gentle warmth that has proven very relaxing and pleasurable. What a lovely way to rid yourself of something you dislike.

Are there any side-effects?

Side-effects are very rare and if they do occur, very mild. You might experience a little redness or swelling, but this will soon disappear within a couple of hours. You could go straight back to work, or the school-run, and nobody but you would be any the wiser.

What do I do now?

Call The Brookdale Clinic on 01565 651832 and book your initial consultation. You can ask questions, gain reassurance and then start treatment.