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Blog - Summer Feet at The Brookdale Clinic

4 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Feet Sweet

Embarrassed by the state of your feet?  With the weather improving it’s time to shake off the socks and get into those open-toed cool shoes.

Lisa Searle at The Brookdale Clinic


Today, our podiatrist Lisa Searle shares some top tips for keep them looking and feeling great.  Over to you Lisa…



Keep your feet sweet!

As the weather gets warmer and your feet start to feel hot and sweaty, it’s essential that you look after them properly by following a few basic hygiene tips;

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Benefits of Post-Operative Physiotherapy at The Brookdale Clinic

Why early treatment is beneficial to your post-operative recovery

Today one of our physiotherapists – Cathie – shares the experience of one of her physiotherapy Cathie Stone - Physiotherapistpatients who self-referred to the clinic a week after having undergone a knee operation.

We’ll call him ‘Jim’.

Jim had undergone surgery for a lateral release (a surgical procedure to release tight structures on the outer or lateral aspect of the kneecap).  The hospital did not offer any immediate follow-up post-operative physiotherapy and very little advice was given as to how he should progress or how he could expect to feel after surgery.

He was limping badly on crutches; his knee was

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Benefits of cycling - Bike Week 17

Benefits of Cycling – Bike Week 2017

We’re cycling our way towards the peak of another Bike Week here in the UK.

From Saturday 10th June-Sunday 18th June (ok, it’s 8 days but covers 2 weekends – see what they’ve done here?!) people in the UK are being encouraged to dust off their 2 wheelers and get out into the fresh air and cycle.  It’s an opportunity “to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’ ” suggest

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Back pain treated at The Brookdale Clinic

Living with a pain in the back?!

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) have put together this useful little video to help you manage some of those niggling pains yourself, either before or inbetween your physiotherapy appointments.

“I’ve got this terrible pain in my back…”

We see it all too often and if you are reading this and thinking ‘yes this is me’ then don’t worry – you are not alone!

It’s thought that 98% of back pain cases are not serious and most cases will clear up in due course.  Try to keep moving, stay in work where possible and resume your normal activities even though it might be a little uncomfortable.  However, if you are in constant or excessive pain, then booking an appointment to see one of our physiotherapists, sooner rather than later, will ensure that you are checked out properly and given the right treatment plan to get you back to full health quickly.

Contact us on 01565 651832 to make your appointment today.

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Sun Awareness Week - The Brookdale Clinic

Tips to keep your skin safe and avoid sunburn

It’s Sun Awareness Week here in the UK (May 8-14th) and we’d like to do our part by alerting you to some important facts to help keep you and your skin safe.

Whilst we might think that the sunshine at this time of year isn’t a problem, it’s a fact that it can be just as strong as it is in the summer months.  We just don’t seem to realise it.  Research by the British Association of Dermatologists suggests that over a third of Brits suffered from sunburn in the last year with around 25% suffering not once, not twice, but three times!  And when abroad, those figures increase significantly.  When will we ever learn?!

So what can you do to protect your skin from harmful rays?

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Why its good to talk - The Brookdale Clinic

Why it’s good to talk

It’s good to talk.  That’s what people say.

‘Talking therapies’ are the words on everyone’s lips right now.

If you missed the recent FaceTime call between Prince William and Lady GaGa (you can watch it here) then you might not have seen the subsequent exposure that followed all about opening up and talking to one another.  The Heads Together charity which helps to support those suffering from mental health issues was chosen as the London Marathon’s charity of the year with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging people to speak out about what’s on their minds. #OkToSay

People go through tough times – fact.

Some people can deal with tough times – no problem.

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How soon will I see results after IPL Hair Removal at The Brookdale Clinic, Knustford

When will I see results from Laser Hair Removal or IPL treatment?

This is a question we get asked many times by new clients.

It’s important to understand that Laser Hair Removal or IPL treatment isn’t an overnight quick fix.  As with many things (diets included!) you have to follow the rules over a period of time.

The number of sessions needed varies according to the part of the body being treated, due to the variability in the number of follicles.  So, to remove facial hair you’ll need more sessions than if you’re removing leg hair, for instance.  Many people get the result they want with 6 sessions, but others need more, and this can depend on many factors such as hair colour and hormones.

To get the very best out of your course of hair removal it’s essential that

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How Physiotherapy can treat painful ankles

How physiotherapy can treat painful ankles from running

If the Manchester Marathon is on your to-do list for this year, then it’s important to make sure you’re in good shape to complete those 26.2 miles.  There’s no denying the fact that it WILL be a long hard slog!!

Our physiotherapy team regularly see all types of problems associated with running and – more importantly – they know how to treat them well!   Here’s an example of one such case.

A patient limped into our clinic following a run as her ankle had slowly become painful and swollen. 

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Why everyone’s going La La Land for the CACI facial!

It’s the movie of the moment – a tale of theatre, jazz and romance, a love story set amidst music and dance. And the bright lights are shining on the stars of the show too!  The beautiful Emma Stone and dashing Ryan Gosling take centre stage, singing and dancing their way through this cinematic wonder.

So just how do the stars keep looking fabulous, darrrling?

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Improve your skin and body this year

Welcome to 2017!   Today our skin clinician Josna shares her thoughts with you about why improving your skin and body is important. Over to you Josna…

It’s January and we’re amid the cold winter months.  And how do you feel?  Overworked?  Stressed?  Dull and lifeless?  You won’t be alone but the lucky ones amongst us might still have a spring in our step.  How’s that?  By taking care of ourselves!

Make 2017 the year you take care of YOU!

Living longer and looking good ‘for our age’ begins with

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